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There’s an app for that

I find that I’m increasingly disturbed each time I log in to Facebook. It’s not that I don’t like keeping in touch with my friends, because I do, but because the veneer of staying up to date slips with each update that I read. Tragically enough, I find myself missing the days when my closest […]

Remove compiled files from directory

I’m running through a bunch of examples and exercises in C++ Primer Plus and I needed a way to remove my compiled scripts from my folder. Attached is a python script which will recursively remove all compiled files from a folder tree. import os count = 0; for (path, dirs, files) in os.walk(os.getcwd()): for file […]

Add on delete cascade to foreign key mysql

Here’s a quick process for adding ON DELETE CASCADE to your foreign key constraints in mySQL. You will need to drop the foreign key constraint and re-institute it. use SHOW CREATE TABLE [table_name];, where table_name is your table identify the name of the foreign key(s). They usually end with _ibfk_ plus a number Drop the […]

Job Hunters Episode 1

Funny story – I was approached to be in this web series because the actor who was slated to play Phil quit. As it turns out, my friends needed someone to play a total jerk and “everyone thought of me.” Brilliant.

Facebook Status Visibility

Before it become apparent that google+ was a veritable ghost town, I thought that the concept of circles was a pretty neat idea. Rather than take the Facebook approach and make your post visible to everyone, you were encouraged to kind of whitelist your post to relevant circles (though you could still scream out into […]