There’s an app for that

I find that I’m increasingly disturbed each time I log in to Facebook. It’s not that I don’t like keeping in touch with my friends, because I do, but because the veneer of staying up to date slips with each update that I read. Tragically enough, I find myself missing the days when my closest group of friends kept up to date with LiveJournal because our audience was just us and many posts were more involved meditations on the things that we were actually feeling and living through. Day by day, I see a picture of a latte or scotch, a self-shot in the ‘permanent Zellweger’ style, or a trite endorsement of a plastic non-entity who can’t possibly embody anyone’s actual political affiliations, corporate ‘persons’ notwithstanding. Every outburst embodies the trivial and surface level, and what masquerades as critical thinking is reactionary or rote repetition. Then again, if you want up to the minute information, you’ll get what anyone is thinking at that particular minute.
I can’t take the popular online social sphere seriously anymore because as assertion of what you believe isn’t just rare on something like Facebook or Twitter – it’s impossible. Skimming a feed is not deep reading and there is a lack of nuance in 140 characters. I have little understanding of why we say the things we do, only an understanding of why I speak so seldomly: because if I took the time to say what I feel, we’d both miss out on George Takei’s tweets or some other dreadfully important business.

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