Job Hunters Trailer!

Here’s the trailer to a web series called Job Hunters that I got to be a part of. The series premieres April 1st at the Emerald City Comicon.

Dynamic getters and setters with php

I’ve been using Magento pretty heavily for almost a year now and I’ve come to know it fairly well, thanks mostly to the guys at goSolid who mastered it by means unknown to me. Documentation for Magento ranges from near useless to pretty thorough, but the Magento forums look like some kind of developer purgatory, […]

New Partybox Site

I just finished an overhaul of the site for my friends’ band Partybox Go to the page and like them on Facebook to download their whole album free!

Smarter Phone

For about a year I’ve been on my mom’s T-Mobile family plan after we realized she had an unused line on it. I’ve enjoyed basically a free phone since my monthly bill was eliminated and her costs didn’t change. Recently, she let me know that the rest of the family had migrated to another plan […]

Attack the Block

Attack the Block

Last night Hillary scored still more free movie passes, this time to Attack the Block. All we knew going in was that the movie involved inner city street kids versus aliens from outer space. Now, it’s not difficult to sell me on a movie, so I was game as soon as I knew there were […]